[Android] On market

Comando MEO and droid VNC server are already on the android market, go get the last version!

Android VNC Server 0.2b

Preliminary Support for Nexus and Desire (and so on…)

Download Version 0.2b (removed, install from market)

Waiting for feedback…

Update: Status on models based on people feedback:

  • HTC G1 – Working
  • HTC Magic CyanogenMod 5.08 – Working
  • HTC Nexus Froyo FRF83 rooted+deodexedWorking
  • HTC Desire Working
  • HTC Nexus Froyo FRF85b Working
  • Motorola Droid – Working

Android VNC Server 0.2

This is the Android VNC Server 0.2 release, it’s a fork from letsgoustc with some improvements:

  • GUI to start/stop server and set password
  • Set password to access
  • Input events are handled by uinput now (no more manually setting devices)
  • Better user interface (ideas?)
  • Better algorithm to  update framebuffer
  • Find out a way to not use ROOT
  • Fix high-res screen bug (aka green one, from Nexus, Desire, etc) – contact me if you wanna send me some debug information.
  • Accent support
Key bindings:
  • Home – Home or Mouse Right Button
  • Menu – Pg Up
  • Back – Esc
  • Search – Ctrl
  • Start Call – F3
  • End Call – End or Mouse Mid Button

You can access your phone using Wifi or USB.
With Wifi it’s pretty straight forward, you just need to be connected to an access point. If you want to use USB you just need to forward port 5901 from phone to pc using:

adb forward tcp:5901 tcp:5901

And connect to localhost:5901 from your VNC client.

Download apk (removed, install from market)
Here is the source, it isn’t very clean for now, ’cause i’m going to make further changes to it.

WARNING: You need a ROOTED phone. I’m not responsible if anything goes bad.

I’m accepting donations so i can open up a Market account to upload my projects. Bugs/Sugestions etc are appreciated!


Qt Deskew – qdeskew 0.2

Command-line app for performing deskew over an image in C++/Qt4.
Based on java version jdeskew from here.

It uses the hough transform to perform the skew angle detection.
All image opening/saving is performed by qt4 libraries so expect large compatibility.

You can use the imagedeskew class on your application if you want!

Usage: ./qdeskew inputFile deskewedOutputFile

Compile (the usual way – you’ll need Qt4):
- qmake
- make


[Android] Comando MEO 0.1

Aqui vai a primeira versão do Comando MEO para Android, comprei o meu HTC Magic esta semana e queria testar a plataforma de desenvolvimento da Google. Foi feito com a SDK 1.5 se bem que em princípio funciona em todas as versões superiores. Está optimizado para ecrãs 320×480.
Podem consultar a source abaixo, espero que sirva para as vossas primeiras aplicações.

O funcionamento da aplicação é baseada nesta e serve para exactamente o que diz o nome, controla a box da MEO através da rede LAN.

Instalem a aplicação com p.ex. o Linda depois de o passarem para o telemóvel (ainda não sei trabalhar com o Market e não tenho dinheiro para me inscrever)

- Aspecto do comando semelhante ao original
- Configura até 3 boxes

Download Comando MEO Android 0.1


Bugs/Sugestoes sao bem-vindas assim como donativos :)

Podem acompanhar a discussao no fórum androidPT aqui

[HOW TO] Control two (or more) stepper motors in parallel with one microcontroller

Hey, last year i made a project to a course with my fellow colleague André which consisted on two Human-Interface designs to a robotic arm, and we came up with a difficulty in controlling the two stepper motors in parallel using different velocities.

For that we used some kind of “time-division” thing, to select a window to generate a clock to each stepper.

Lets take for instance 5 motors, and a 1s loop time, with a 40ms window, you can see in black the steppers to be clocked.

We used a L296-L298 IC combination to use only two pin per stepper (clock and direction), but you can use the 4 usual signaling per stepper with minor modifications in the code.

You can have the code (implemented on an Atmega8), but i don’t have much time to explain it, it just connects with PC and the uC will respond to the commands of the protocol table (if you need another language ask for it on the comments):


Changes the mode to mode X, with X=0,1 or 2
If mode=1
A e B represents the number of steps to performs on motors 1 and 2

(at maximum velocity)
If mode=2
A e B represents the velocity (in steps p second) of 1 and 2.


if A<0 or B < 0, the correspondent motor will step negativelly

PC-> Micro
Motor test
PC-> Micro
Puts the arm on the reference
Returned by the Uc when the command finishes (on mode=1 , ‘T’ or ‘I’)
Micro-> PC
Command not recognized
Micro ->PC

Below you have a video demonstrating the functionality, the max. vel. of the steppers wasn’t too big, so don’t surprise.

Casio CFX 9850GB made wireless with Xbee

Hei, i want to show you something i did some time ago, i hooked up the serial connection of the calculator to my xbee, and made it wireless!

You can upload/download programs to it, or use my chat application! You can see it in use below.

If you need the schematics and/or configurations i’ve made just live it on the comments and i’ll post it here (i have no patience to do it today)


[HOW-TO] Count number of lines in files on Linux

Hi, long time no see! Here is a quick tip!

for i in `find * -name *.cpp`;do tmp=$tmp+`nl -ba "$i" |tail -n1|awk '{print $1}'` ;done;echo $tmp|bc

to print the number of lines of code in your current folder, you can change the *.cpp by the expression you want!
Known bugs: it seems not working with folders with spaces, if anyone knows how to fix this, please comment!

[Quick Tweak] lid button working on asus 901 on Ubuntu 9.10

So far so good, ubuntu karmic koala is working fine on eee 901, but suspend when you lid the monitor isn’t working.

You can simply edit the following file (/etc/acpi/events/lidbtn) as root and substitute the “lid” work for “LID”.
Maybe it will work for more notebooks.

KDE network bandwidth clock 0.1

Hi, i’ve started a new project this weekend, based on this post from Gizmodo.

This is a 24h clock divided by half hours, and maintains a log from the bandwidth available on your PC, very usefull i think!

Please help testing and give me some features/bugfixes if you want!