About me


I began my studies in Marco de Canaveses, Portugal my hometown. After graduating from high school I moved out to Porto, PT to enroll in the Masters in Electrical and Computers and Engineering programme in FEUP, having finished it in 2011 (have a look at my MSc. thesis webpage).

Parallelly i have been involved in several software/hardware open-source projects, not only on an individual basis, but also contributing to larger ones.

I dropped out the Informatics Engineering PhD (was researching in LIACC/ITPorto, with a FCT Fellowship) and am currently working for Preto Inc., with its headquarters in CA, US.

-what drives me

  • Questioning
  • Novelty
  • Curiosity
  • Sensibility

-what fascinates me

  • Friendship
  • Willingness to Share
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Solidarity

In my spare time i like to hang out with my beautiful girlfriend and listen to music.

I consider myself an audiophile and music enthusiast. I also play classical piano since 1998 and transverse flute since 2001.

Take a look at my CV for further information.

Contact me by email “onaips_at_gmail”

Published papers in the past:

J. L. F. Pereira and R. J. F. Rossetti (2012). An Integrated Architecture for Autonomous Vehicles Simulation. In Proceedings of the 2012 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC ’12). ACM, Italy, March 2012

J. L. F. Pereira and R. J. F. Rossetti. Autonomous vehicles simulation: A comprehensive review. In Proceedings of the 25th European Simulation and Modelling Conference, ESM’2011, October 2011.

José R.G. Alvarado, José L.F. Pereira, Rosaldo J.F. Rossetti (2010) PostGIS in data modeling: case of study MAS-T2er Lab project. In: The 2nd Open Source GIS UK Conference, OSGIS 2010, Nottingham, UK, June 21-22, 2010.

José R.G. Alvarado, José L.F. Pereira, Rosaldo J.F. Rossetti (2010) A scalable data support model for traffic simulation in GIS. In: M. Painho, M.Y. Santos, H. Pundt (Eds.) Proceedings of AGILE 2010, the 13th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science, Guimarães, Portugal, May 10-14, 2010. 5p. (ISBN: 978-989-20-1953-6)

José R.G. Alvarado, José L.F. Pereira, Rosaldo J.F. Rossetti (2010) A network data model for traffic simulation. In: M. Haklay, J. Morley, H. Rahemtulla (Eds.) Proceedings of the GIS Research UK, 18th Annual Conference, GISRUK 2010, London, UK, April 14-16, 2010. p.511-516.

José L.F. Pereira, Rosaldo J.F. Rossetti, Eugénio C. Oliveira (2009) Towards a Cooperative Traffic Network Editor. In Yuhua Luo (Ed.): Cooperative Design, Visualization, and Engineering, 6th International Conference, CDVE 2009, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, September 20-23, 2009. LNCS 5738, Springer. pp.236-239.

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