droid VNC server 0.6d source

Here is the source code of the app. Enjoy it and provide some cool patches :D

Meanwhile here is a video of vnc server working on a samsung galaxy


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    Anonymous August 26, 2010

    hello buddy, it seems to be a great tool and i really want to try it. how can i get it?
    thank you very much!
    best regards

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    Anonymous August 27, 2010

    dont work afer Update!!!
    Its running on device. but cant connect from pc any more.

    Desire 2.1 rooted


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    Chandler August 31, 2010

    Hello, 0.6 does not seem to work on my phone. I am running a rooted Motorola Droid on Cyanogen 6 (Stable Release).

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    Chandler August 31, 2010

    EDIT: Nevermind, it works, but barley. It does some odd things
    1. To start the server, you must hit start server, let the program force close, and then start the program again (in which case it will say Running). Then, when I connect. The screen seems… to move to the right o_O
    Example shown here: http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff150/PokemonLover1010/Screenshot-19216821005901.png
    Also, I seem to be using the 0.8 version on the market

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    John September 9, 2010

    Looks like there is an issue using the HTTP connection to the droid VNC server.

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    mansiu September 14, 2010

    Hi, I can use wifi to vnc connect the phone. However, how can I access the phone using USB? I cannot find the way to generate the IP.

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    gio September 30, 2010

    Hola from america!
    ¿hay alguna manera de desactivar el servidor de forma remota?
    Is there any way to start the vnc server remotely? I would like to use this as a security system

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    oNaiPs September 30, 2010

    Yes you can shut it down on a client pressing f12 i think. Look at help in app menu

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    Fender October 5, 2010

    How can I send the menu key remotely?

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    Fender October 5, 2010

    Never mind, I figured out menu.

    However, there seems to be a bug when rotating (F4). The colors get corrupted. I found if I enable "limit colors" then disable it, it refreshes correctly.

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    Dr. Time October 13, 2010

    What is the challenge around doing VNC on a non-rooted phone?

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    Frankkie. October 19, 2010


    Droid VNC workes great on my G1 (CyanogenMod with 2.2 Rooted)

    But it does not work on my Rooted Motorola Milestone with 2.1
    (I used Universal Androot)

    I get a Toast-message, saying:
    'Couldn't Start server'

    I have saved the DDMS/LogCat output.

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    pix October 25, 2010


    Thanks so much for your work on droidVNC!

    Hey, how hard would a Synergy client be?


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    Anonymous October 27, 2010

    Could you provide the Linux command to stop the VNC server? Can't seem to find that anywhere. Thanks!

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    oNaiPs October 27, 2010

    killall androidvncserver

    You have to be has root.

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    Anonymous October 31, 2010

    The source code is unavailable in the link you pointed. Is there an alternate place I can pick it from?

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    oNaiPs October 31, 2010

    Its on github. See another post

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    Matt November 24, 2010

    How can I use it over USB? Do I need ADB installed? Also, will it work over a direct adhoc wifi connection between my phone and pc? I don't have a WAP to connect to.

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      Vikram Sridharan July 3, 2011

      Its really late, but it could help others wondering how to do this.

      One option is to enable port forwarding between the computer to the device. Please google, its explained quite clearly in many place.

      The second easier option is to have the drivers for your device installed on your computer, on your device initiate usb tethering, this will build a small network between your computer and device. You should now be able to access with the ip address that VNC server give you after doing this.


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    debianist November 25, 2010

    It seems my sony ericsson x10i (root) can't start the server. Is there any chance to make droid VNC server work on my x10?


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    Yasuro December 2, 2010

    Hi, Jose. I am wondering if you would kindly consider supporting QVGA. I have a Sony-Ericsson's Xperia X10 mini, which has a QVGA screen. It does not even have a physical keyboard, unlike its sibling, X10 mini pro. I am loving my X10 mini for its small form factor and light weight, but viewing the screen and inputting text on that device is pure pain. I believe it's such a small device like this one that will have the most benefit of being able to run a VNC server and being accessed from a PC.

    I tried your Droid VNC Server. It runs and I can access the server from a PC. However, the reproduced screen on the PC's side looks like a broken TV screen. I think it's simply because the server is not built with such a usage in mind.

    There are other Android devices with QVGA screens. I heard Motorola Tattoo is one too. I am certain a lot of people will appreciate your effort if you support QVGA devices too.

    I promise I will make a small donation to you if you just consider doing it for people like myself. Sorry, I cannot donate much; I am barely getting by. But I will donate some none the less to show my appreciation.

    Thanks for reading this through. Please take care.


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    oNaiPs December 5, 2010

    Hi Yasuro, please contact me to onaips (at) gmail after 15 december and i'll try to make the changes to support your phone, as right now i'm really busy.


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    Anonymous December 9, 2010

    Hi… Please help. I think I have the same problem as Yasuro. I have a Samsung Galaxy Europa I5500 which I believe also has the QVGA screen.
    Yasuro post would explain why I get a garbled output. This is not the Green Screen problem that I have seen you already fix… but the screen is absolutely garbled…
    Please fix.
    Many thanks.

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    Mondo December 18, 2010

    I see i have control of the phone from the computer side, but once I'm in an app I am stuck. Any way to implement Settings / Home / Back / Search physical buttons? I am using Chicken Of VNC on my Mac, but if there is another Client that would work for these buttons, please let me know.

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    dnw January 9, 2011

    Hi, I am try the droid vnc server on my Galaxy GT-15503T and also get a scrambled screen output like a badly tuned TV, The cusor control works from the PC and I can press the VNV Stop button.But have to guess the screen position I can not see the button

    regards dnw

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    Will Estevam January 13, 2011

    Very good. Congratulations guy. I had to change the port 5901 to 5900 and change the password, then worked!


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    chad.deraps February 1, 2011

    I found some bugs in the update_screen code for rotated screens. Send me an email at chad.deraps@gmail.com if you want to discuss the changes.

    I would also like to work on adding bluetooth support to run the vnc session over bluetooth.

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    Lkr February 7, 2011

    Hello. I'm a student of Incheon University in Korea.
    I'm writing to ask you something about VNC.

    Would you mind if I ask?
    I have been studying VNC and want to study more deeply.
    So I beg you to give me your androidvnvserver binary file's source code.

    Just for a personal purpose, not for a commerce or a distribution.
    This could be a tough favor but, sincerely, I hope that you can gladly give your dear source code to me.

    Thank you for reading my mail and I'm looking forward to your mail.

    Best wishes to you!!
    From Lee in South Korea

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    worldfantasy February 15, 2011

    We're planning to develope VNC server application depending on Android.
    But, we're not enough experience about VNC server.
    we need some advice.
    Could you give me your email address or msn ID?
    My email address is "worldfantasy@hanmail.net"


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    Mathias March 8, 2011

    Hey there, great stuff! However, the link is broken – where can I find the source? I can provide a patch w respect to selecting input device, which is necessary for SE X10.

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    Guray Ergun April 6, 2011

    why just the rooted devices? i dont want root my phone or i couldn’t…
    do you advice any solution about this…

    HTC desire 2.2 not rooted

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      onaips April 9, 2011

      Hi, you cannot use droid vnc server without root for now .
      In the future i’ll add support for non rooted phones, only with Gingerbread versions and up (older versions cannot support this).


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    Maddler April 14, 2011

    just installed on my Optimus 2x (running MoDaCo fr12 ROM). Service is actually starting adn I’m able to remotely connect to the phone. Keyboard and mouse are working but the remote screen only shows LG logo and bar (same shown while booting the phone).

    Any clue?

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    Allan June 9, 2011

    Hi, I just wondered if there was any progress on using the new Gingerbread non-root screen capture facility in droid VNC server? I saw you mention it above & on another site (I forget where exactly).

    I looked into it a little myself; I can see & mostly understand the sample C++ code for grabbing framebuffer, but not sure if it’s been exposed in the Java API yet or whether it’d take a little NDK work. My guess is NDK: unless I’m looking in the wrong places, I haven’t yet seen any apps use GB screen capture. But I’m getting close to out of my depth, so I thought I’d ask. :-)



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      onaips June 9, 2011

      Gingerbread access method is not implemented yet, but i already know how to do it. The particular reason i see to no app to support it, is that to access it, developers must known how to work with open binder, to access surface flinger through IPC.
      As i said before, will look into it in July.


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    Allan June 14, 2011


    Ah, I see, yes, that makes a great deal of sense. Thanks, that really clears things up!



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    Vikram Sridharan July 3, 2011

    Dear onaips,

    Hope the thesis is going great ! Looking forward to any news on the new development.


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    Leszek Żur August 11, 2011
  36. Reply
    manuel September 5, 2011

    i’ve a samsung galaxy s5570 next and i’ve to access to the smartphone from my windows 57 ’cause i’m disable and i’ve many difficultes moving hands.
    I’ve installed VNC SERVER that start regularly but my client VNCVIEWER coul’d not connect. Help me please!

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    Ernst October 3, 2011

    Awesome app. Running perfectly on my HTC Bravo/Desire on Stock Android 2.2.1. Works flawlessly. I’m also wondering how the heck do I get it to run from USB instead of off the WIFI netowork, anyway this is a hell of an app. I’ve beel looking around for this piece of software forever. many many thanks to you for developing it.

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    Ernst October 3, 2011

    And you know what? I got it working. you rule man. The trick is to call localhost instead of the IP address. Done that, and voi la! I’ve got VNC running in with the os on it. This is AWESOME.

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    DappaToffa December 1, 2011

    works great but the display is red/pink on the pc side.
    Samsung Galaxy S II LTE (SGH-I727R)
    screenshot: http://bit.ly/uJ1Wf8

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      onaips December 20, 2011

      please try version 1.0a3 from xda foruns

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    Kelly December 23, 2011

    It just disconnects and stops the server as soon as I connect. Atrix 4G rooted.

    • Reply
      marcus January 29, 2012

      Same issue here.

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    JSpee January 21, 2012

    marketplace version works but colors display as red/pink. 1.0.3 starts then stops, won’t stay running. rooted Galaxy 2s Skyrocket. Would love a solution!

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    [...] droid VNC server 0.6d source | _oNaiPs.com_ wise geekiness. Like this:НравитсяБудьте первым, кому понравился этот [...]

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    hskr June 4, 2012

    Please.. I have instaled both client and server, but on my PC I can see only the screen of my android mobile. The problem is that mouse and keybord doesnt work (works only F4, F11, F12). Can you help me?

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