[droid VNC server] version 0.2d with droid/droid x support!

Please report errors for this version here.



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    Zzz July 27, 2010

    "Could'nt Stop VNC Server" after close the VNC connection.

    milestone 2.1

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    evulhotdog July 29, 2010

    It does work very well, is there any way to make it so when you type it doesnt type letters multiple times? Other than that, this app would be perfect for me if the words came out as I typed them as my computer! Keep chugging along! great app!

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    imcdona July 31, 2010

    1. On the Samsung Vibrant I can connect to the VNC server but it only shows half of the screen.

    2. When selecting "start" the app complains of not being able to start the server even though it's actually running.

    3. Unable to stop the server by hitting "stop". The app complains that it could not stop the server.

    Other than that, this is awesome!

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    oNaiPs July 31, 2010

    imcdona please contact me in order to solve this issues.


    onaips (@) gmail

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    Tomtreas August 4, 2010

    Won't bind to network. Get with either 3G or Wifi. DroidX Android 2.1-update1 root

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    FlorianBaumert August 4, 2010

    installation from the market fails with "Installation failed". download is sucessfull. Motorola Milestone (which is mostly identical with the driod I think)

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    mac August 5, 2010

    hi, would love to run your app in the emulator, as i can't afford the handset. I got a copy of org.onaips.vnc.apk from my friends handset and copied to emulator and tried to start it, (clicked start button).. Error, unable to start server. Any ideas?

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    oNaiPs August 5, 2010

    Hi mac, the application can run in emulator with few patches, but you can't control keyboard and mouse with it, as it doesnt support uevents as the real devices.

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    cOnTaGoUs August 8, 2010

    Is there anyways at all we can get this to work over Bluetooth? That would be awesome.


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    Adrynalyne August 8, 2010

    An awesome feature would be support over bluetooth :)

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    Anonymous August 18, 2010

    Am not an Android developer but have some ideas for extending this application/server for pay. Let me know if you're interested. kireka@gmail.com

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    Steven Brady August 25, 2010

    Running 0.73 on Droid X, and it never shows a picture in the client (both web client and RealVNC client). I can control, but can't see what I'm doing.

    Using USB networking.

    Any thoughts?

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    oNaiPs August 25, 2010

    Please send me debug info…


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    Homer August 27, 2010

    I hope I'm using this correctly. I don't speak the language it is in so I have no idea if I'm actually leaving a msg or not.

    I have version 0.7 however I understand there is now a 0.8 out but can find no place to download that version on your site. Is there a 'history' of versions that can be accessed or at least a link to the latest version?

    Also, I am using on a droid x. While the program is just what I have been looking for I am having issues with only half screen updates when it is rotated to landscape mode. Was hoping version 0.8 may have addressed this.

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    Homer August 27, 2010

    I should add that if I 'refresh' my screen in the vnc client the full screen does show. If the screen changes however then I only get a half screen update until I hit refresh again.

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    Filip February 10, 2011

    Hey there,

    I've installed this app and I get connection but I seems like I'm in view-only mode.

    Can you help me with it somehow?


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    MITCH August 18, 2011

    rooted installs fine… but display on vnc side z lines due to different reselection of the phone…

    i can send you pictures if you need to see…

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    Tim October 18, 2011

    Downloaded to rooted Atrix, server runs, but stops once I try to make a connection…..any suggestions?

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    Alvaro Gandara Astray May 26, 2012

    Works like a charm on a Thunderbolt running ThunderShed
    great job!

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    SLEdie June 19, 2012

    Version 1.1 RCO connects the first time, but then never allows you to reconnect again. Until the phone is rebooted or the App is killed and restarted.

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