[HOW-TO] Real-Time Auto-Tune in Linux

I didn’t see auto-tune for linux tutorials for a while so i decided to write my own.

You will need 2 important pieces:

You’ll need to do this commands (for Ubuntu)

sudo mkdir /usr/lib/ladspa                                        #will create ladspa library folder if you dont have it yet
wget http://web.mit.edu/tbaran/www/autotalent-0.2_Linux32.tar.gz # look the site for 64bit version
tar zxf autotalent-0.2_Linux32.tar.gz                                                        #extract package
sudo cp autotalent-0.2_Linux32/autotalent.so /usr/lib/ladspa             #copies library to ladspa lib folder
sudo apt-get install ardour #installs ardour and JACK                           # installs ardour and its deps
sudo ardour2                                                                                                   #runs ardour

Next you’ll need to add a new track, by default it will apply your mic as input.
Insert autotalent plugin
Finaly you turn on monitoring to hear you effect in real-time.


See the video if you have any doubts. (it’s very rough though)
Now go you singer! :D

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    Chere Keele June 3, 2011

    my feelings on this topic vary from you.its fine that you brought this up on your blog,it was a nice debatable go through.

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