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7.000.000+ downloads !! Congratulations CTorrent!

Since August 2008, i commited the CTorrent for iPhone cydia repo, and since then more than seven million downloads were performed.

Congratulations to CTorrent devs and OSS!

See the stats

Edited: 12Mar2011

Iphone support dropped

Hi all, i’m very sad to say that i’m dropping my software support as I’ve selled my iphone.

Thanks for donations and help.


Freepops 0.2.9 for iphone

Here it is another version of freepops, sorry for the delay :D
You don’t need bossprefs plugin anymore, the daemon will execute everytime you reboot your phone.

Quick Instructions for Noobs:
1. Install freepops daemon from cydia
2. Reboot your phone
3. Create a new mail, with your hotmail (or something suported by freepops)
4. Change the hostname on Incoming Mail Server to “localhost:110″
5. Ignore any SMTP warnings (freepops only supports POP so if you want to send from your account you need to get another alternative)
6. Start checking your e-mail!
7. Donate me! :P

bossPrefs plugin for freepops

download this plugin with cydia, it’s now working.

I’ve commited bossPrefs plugin for freepops, you can toggle the daemon plus it will launch on boot.

For the inpatients here is a tar.gz, you just need to upload by ssh for your iphone and

tar zxf "_location_of_pack_"/Freepops_bossprefs_plugin.tar.gz -C /

reboot and done!

Tell me your performances

Hi today i easily get the 200Kbps on my ctorrent, i’m glad with this almost stable release…

What about you? What speed are you getting? Do you would like to have transmission bt ported too?

Freepops 0.2.7 for iphone comitted

You don’t need this instructions if using freepops toggle plugin for bossPrefs

Hi, just commited for repo this app, it gives me a hand because i can download mail from hotmail for free. Here are fast instructions:

open a terminal and write:

$freepopsd -p 110 & (without the ‘$’)

‘&’ it will send the daemon to background. (you just need to do this once) (-d isn’t working)

if you are having problems try logging in as root:

type “su”, then password (default is ‘alpine’), and open the daemon program

How-to add your hotmail account to mobile mail from iphone:

(install freepops from cydia before doing this)

Now go to settings -> mail, contacts, cal -> add acount.. -> other

Write your normal information (mail and name)

Change your Incoming mail server to “localhost” and save, when prompted to connect without SSL accept.

Your are done! Start downloading your emails!
I’m having some problems download attachments, please tell me your bugs on comments. thanks

Freepops almost done!

Hi again, there is a lot of work going on my holidays, i have a almost a version of FREEPOPS ready for iphone, quoting from the official website:

FreePOPs is an easily extensible program, which allows access to the most varied resources through the POP3 protocol.
Mainly, it can be used to download mail from the most famous webmails, but it could also be used as an aggregator for RSS feeds and much more. This way it is possible to get all your messages in your favorite email client.
FreePOPs is Free Software!

You’ll be able to download mails from your accounts not supporting POP, and not supported on iphone… tomorrow i hope to show some work done.

Quick How-To Use ctorrent on iphone

hi, here are some tips to use this program on iphone:

1. Download Safari Download Plug-in from the habitual repositories, so you can save the *.torrent file on your machine, downloads goes to /var/mobile/Library/Downloads/

2. Open MobileTerminal, it will be on /var/mobile directory with user “mobile”.
You now just need to call ctorrent with the appropriate flags:

Some important flags:
|-p port | port to listen
|-s filename | download dir or file (without this, your donwload will be saved to current dir)
|-P peer_id and
|-A user_agent | very usefull for trackers that don’t allow ctorrent, you can mask yourself as uTorrent or other:
|-X command | run command on completion

for more flags go to


$ctorrent -p 4567 -s /var/mobile/destdir/ -P “-UT1610-” -A “uTorrent/1610″ /var/mobile/Library/Downloads/slackware12.1.torrent
(note: this is untested but should work)

you can install insomnia, click home button keeps your MobileTerminal session open on
background so you can even download with screen off!


Enhanced-CTorrent ported to iphone 2.0!

Hi, long time no see.

I have great news, i’ve ported latest version of enhanced-ctorrent client for iphone (dnh3.3.2), and it works like a charm, you can even open it on MobileTerminal, closing it keeps your shell session so you can download on background.I’ve just made some little tweaks, here is a picture of it in action:

I can send you my patch if you want, just mail me, as for now, it’s running without bugs, i’ve compiled it with “one click” toolchain, right from my iphone 3G 2.0.1, works for 2.0 firmware branch I think…
Here it goes:


Quick Tutorial

Copy it to /usr/bin/ using the usual methods, you are wellcome to upload it to cydia and installer if you think it’s usable =|
All credits go to ctorrent and enhanced-ctorrent creators, i ask to someone to build a GUI, you just need to connect from the CTCS binary, it should be easy i think…

Take care.