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Qt Deskew – qdeskew 0.2

Command-line app for performing deskew over an image in C++/Qt4.
Based on java version jdeskew from here.

It uses the hough transform to perform the skew angle detection.
All image opening/saving is performed by qt4 libraries so expect large compatibility.

You can use the imagedeskew class on your application if you want!

Usage: ./qdeskew inputFile deskewedOutputFile

Compile (the usual way – you’ll need Qt4):
- qmake
- make

Casio CFX 9850GB made wireless with Xbee

Hei, i want to show you something i did some time ago, i hooked up the serial connection of the calculator to my xbee, and made it wireless!

You can upload/download programs to it, or use my chat application! You can see it in use below.

If you need the schematics and/or configurations i’ve made just live it on the comments and i’ll post it here (i have no patience to do it today)


KDE network bandwidth clock 0.1

Hi, i’ve started a new project this weekend, based on this post from Gizmodo.

This is a 24h clock divided by half hours, and maintains a log from the bandwidth available on your PC, very usefull i think!

Please help testing and give me some features/bugfixes if you want!


Casio CFX to PC chat

So my new project is to establish a connection with my Casio CFX-9850GB PLUS to send and receive messages with my pc.
Hardware used:

  • Casio CFX-9850GB PLUS
  • PC (Slackware box, but the code can be easily adapted for windows)
  • Arduino (for the serial to USB connection (PC to Casio), i don’t have a cable, look for DIY cables)

Software Environment:

As this is a hurry up thing i used a easy framework for C++:

  • Qt4 (for debugging and strings manipulation)
  • qextserialport (x-platform serial implementation)

I borrowed most of information from here

Source Download (with Linux x86 binary and qextserialport *.so)

KDE 4 is out! So let’s give it a try..

So today kde4 final release 4.0.0 is out, it’s a great change, ’cause i hope with introduction of qt4 we are going to have better multiplataform software. If you are now on programming (there are Qt4 bindings for c++, python and java), think of starting your first projects so one day you’ll be helping a major community!

iPod embedded lyrics with amarok!

HI! This is my first post, i’m Zé Luis, from Portugal and 19 year old. I love linux.
So i want to talk about how i put this thing to work.

- First you need to know that amarok latest version 1.4.8 doesn’t detect lyrics on mp3 when you upload some music to ipod (you need to set a bit on iTunesDB so ipod knows mp3 file has lyrics).

So open your command line, and copy this (assuming you have all libraries needed)
(first uninstall your previous amarok installation)

tar jxf amarok-1.4.8.tar.bz2
patch -p1 amarok_ipod_lyrics.patch
make install


Now you need a script to save your fetched lyrics to mp3 itself (it’s called ID3 Lyrics)
you can look this script and download it:
or you can download it directly from Amarok’s script manager (“Get More Scripts” on figure).

Activate “Save lyrics to ID3″ on script manager, and when you right-click on the music you can now save lyrics to mp3. (i didn’t find a way to save all at a time :S )
Drag files to ipod and now you can sing your songs :D

PS: patch was borrowed from a very old link (and with an old amarok patch)