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Casio CFX 9850GB made wireless with Xbee

Hei, i want to show you something i did some time ago, i hooked up the serial connection of the calculator to my xbee, and made it wireless!

You can upload/download programs to it, or use my chat application! You can see it in use below.

If you need the schematics and/or configurations i’ve made just live it on the comments and i’ll post it here (i have no patience to do it today)


Casio CFX to PC chat

So my new project is to establish a connection with my Casio CFX-9850GB PLUS to send and receive messages with my pc.
Hardware used:

  • Casio CFX-9850GB PLUS
  • PC (Slackware box, but the code can be easily adapted for windows)
  • Arduino (for the serial to USB connection (PC to Casio), i don’t have a cable, look for DIY cables)

Software Environment:

As this is a hurry up thing i used a easy framework for C++:

  • Qt4 (for debugging and strings manipulation)
  • qextserialport (x-platform serial implementation)

I borrowed most of information from here

Source Download (with Linux x86 binary and qextserialport *.so)