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droid VNC server 0.6d source

Here is the source code of the app. Enjoy it and provide some cool patches :D

Meanwhile here is a video of vnc server working on a samsung galaxy

[droid VNC server] version 0.2d with droid/droid x support!

Please report errors for this version here.


Android VNC Server 0.2b

Preliminary Support for Nexus and Desire (and so on…)

Download Version 0.2b (removed, install from market)

Waiting for feedback…

Update: Status on models based on people feedback:

  • HTC G1 – Working
  • HTC Magic CyanogenMod 5.08 – Working
  • HTC Nexus Froyo FRF83 rooted+deodexedWorking
  • HTC Desire Working
  • HTC Nexus Froyo FRF85b Working
  • Motorola Droid – Working

Android VNC Server 0.2

This is the Android VNC Server 0.2 release, it’s a fork from letsgoustc with some improvements:

  • GUI to start/stop server and set password
  • Set password to access
  • Input events are handled by uinput now (no more manually setting devices)
  • Better user interface (ideas?)
  • Better algorithm to  update framebuffer
  • Find out a way to not use ROOT
  • Fix high-res screen bug (aka green one, from Nexus, Desire, etc) – contact me if you wanna send me some debug information.
  • Accent support
Key bindings:
  • Home – Home or Mouse Right Button
  • Menu – Pg Up
  • Back – Esc
  • Search – Ctrl
  • Start Call – F3
  • End Call – End or Mouse Mid Button

You can access your phone using Wifi or USB.
With Wifi it’s pretty straight forward, you just need to be connected to an access point. If you want to use USB you just need to forward port 5901 from phone to pc using:

adb forward tcp:5901 tcp:5901

And connect to localhost:5901 from your VNC client.

Download apk (removed, install from market)
Here is the source, it isn’t very clean for now, ’cause i’m going to make further changes to it.
Download source

WARNING: You need a ROOTED phone. I’m not responsible if anything goes bad.

I’m accepting donations so i can open up a Market account to upload my projects. Bugs/Sugestions etc are appreciated!