Ballade nº 1 by Bruno Ferreira

Have a break and enjoy this relaxing piece of music composed by my fellow friend Bruno Ferreira. He has finished a Music Production degree and is enrolling in a Composition degree in ESMAE, eager to know what you think about his works.

Music is in the website’s main page.

Any feedback to this post.


José Pereira

Creative Commons License
Ballade nº 1 by Bruno Ferreira is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

New webpage

Changed to wordpress, and new domain, hope to add new projects too :P

[Android] Ettercap Port

Preliminar port to android.
Go check it out!

[Linux] Kernel Rootfs with + SDCard, SPI, sqlite & rsync for grasshopper, avr32 toolchain for 32-bit linux

Hey, if you need a precompiled image for ICnova ap7000 Base aka grasshopper, with sdcard support (look for embedded journal 2 to a how-to here) and SPI (here).

- To flash the image on the icnova just do this from a remote terminal (lets assume you already have rootfs.avr32.jffs2 on /tmp)

cd /tmp
mount -o remount,ro /
dd if=/tmp/rootfs.avr32.jffs2 of=/dev/mtdblock2

Be very carefull or you will corrupt the partition and you wont be able to boot from the icnova flash! (make sure you have sufficient knowledge on u-boot and linux)

Download rootfs+kernel

Android projects on GitHub

Check all of my android projects on GitHub now!

[HOW-TO] C++ stream to android debug system

Hey, while porting Supertux for Android i needed to debug to the logcat, so i implemented a c++ stream which does just that.
You can use something like:

droidStream::output << “Hello world!”;

Here is the sample code!

droid VNC server 0.6d source

Here is the source code of the app. Enjoy it and provide some cool patches :D

Meanwhile here is a video of vnc server working on a samsung galaxy

[Android] Supertux2 Coming!

Hey, i just want to show to you a preview of upcoming supertux2 for android! Its a little slow on slower devices for now, but i’ll try to improve that. Its missing a touchscreen joystick too. Maybe it will be out this week.

EDIT: follow the discussion and download beta HERE

[droid VNC server] version 0.2d with droid/droid x support!

Please report errors for this version here.


[HOW-TO] Real-Time Auto-Tune in Linux

I didn’t see auto-tune for linux tutorials for a while so i decided to write my own.

You will need 2 important pieces:

You’ll need to do this commands (for Ubuntu)

sudo mkdir /usr/lib/ladspa                                        #will create ladspa library folder if you dont have it yet
wget # look the site for 64bit version
tar zxf autotalent-0.2_Linux32.tar.gz                                                        #extract package
sudo cp autotalent-0.2_Linux32/ /usr/lib/ladspa             #copies library to ladspa lib folder
sudo apt-get install ardour #installs ardour and JACK                           # installs ardour and its deps
sudo ardour2                                                                                                   #runs ardour

Next you’ll need to add a new track, by default it will apply your mic as input.
Insert autotalent plugin
Finaly you turn on monitoring to hear you effect in real-time.


See the video if you have any doubts. (it’s very rough though)
Now go you singer! :D